Shade mesh and shade netting with shade rate up to 95%

Waterproof Shade cloth with a plastic coating layer to prevent water passing through

Anping has built a solid reputation as one of the best plastic mesh sun shade providers and exporters in the industry. We specialize in providing good quality agricultural shade mesh, thermal mesh screen, shade netting, shade Cloth and greenhouse shades.

Here you’ll find all our products related to shade mesh and shade cloth. Whether it's by the roll, Hessian, shade cloth clips or accessories, even waterproof shade mesh, you'll find it here. Our popular products also include HDPE shade net, plastic shade mesh, shade cloth fence, sun shade screen, commercial or domestic shade cloth, bird net, windbreak mesh and anti-hail net. We also specialise in shade mesh netting to be used as a fence or scaffold mesh.

Shade Mesh is ideal for use on crops such as sweet corn, strawberries, spinach, celery and many more. It has also been used for new lawn seeding and to protect seed from harsh sunlight and birds while helping retain soil moisture. It is also used in greenhouses to help retain moisture for seeds. Shade mesh for agriculture is UV stabilized to promote reuse. It is easily laid manually or mechanically. Shade mesh offers protective covers specifically for agricultural use to enhance earlier, higher yields and protection against winter weather, spring freezes and pests. It increases soil and air temperature during daylight hours and it slows heat loss and aids in maintaining soil temperatures at night. About more information, all you need to do is click the relevant products link.

The latest order:

PE sun shade net knitted by mono yarn and tape yarn.
65g/m2 shading 60% 4m × 50m 13kg/pc.
75g/m2 shading 70% 4m × 100m 30kg/pc.
85g/m2 shading 80% 3m × 100m 23kg/pc.

I am interested in your anti-hail netting to protect pear and cherry plantations. Distance between the rows is 3 m, therefore, this would be ideal with on nett. Quantity is 40,000 square meters. Length is approx. 15,000 meters.
Can you please give me prices for the 50-70 g/square meter. types to compare:
I also, need connectors for these quantity, so kindly include them into your offer. Please include Standard Pole covers fi 8 and 10, 500 pcs.

Plastic mesh finished edges with grommets 4 ft. × 15 ft.and 70% shade in silver/white.